Important Notice


Due to the recent initiatives surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, the 2020 Southern Connecticut Open scheduled for April 17-19, 2020 has been canceled. Refunds will be issued and processed over the next several days.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2021 Southern CT Open and will contact you as soon as we confirm the dates with our rink.

Our sincere hope that you and your families remain safe and healthy.

SC of Southern CT

Coaches and Judge

Our professional coaching staff are registered members of both United States Figure Skating (USFS) and the Professional Skaters Association (PSA).



Gina is a native of Stamford.  She has been a member of the Skating Club of Southern CT since she was young.  In her high school years, she skated on the Southern Connecticut Synchronized Skating Team, the Shadows. After receiving her B.A. in Behavioral Sciences from the University of Maryland, she joined the Southern Connecticut Synchronized Skating Teams (Sprites, Shimmers, Shadows) as the Head Coach.  

Gina continues to be involved in the Club’s Synchronized Skating Teams and has grown the program significantly throughout the years.  Today, the Sprites, Shimmers, and Shadows have  a strong competitive record and consistently have show stopping performances. 

Gina is a United States Figure Skating Association (USFS) Gold Medalist in Moves in the Field, USFS Novice Freestyle, and USFS 5th Figure Test.  Gina also has her Level One Hockey Certification.  

Gina is an active member of the USFS and PSA (Professional Skaters Association).  Gina has been teaching skating since 1989.  She is a private skating coach and also teaches group lessons at various area rinks.

In April of 1997, Gina did the skating for a feature story on Oksana Baiul which aired on Dateline NBC.  

Gina is on the Board of Directors of the Skating Club of Southern CT.



Val is a long time member of the Skating Club of Southern Connecticut. As a school age skater growing up in Stamford, she participated in the Club’s Southern CT Synchronized Skating Teams. Val graduated from Sacred Heart University in 2003.

She is currently the coach for our award winning Southern Connecticut Synchronized Skating teams, Sprites, Shimmers, Shadows. She has been involved with the teams for 19 years.

Val is the Director of the Terry Conners Ice Rink Skating School, which is operated through the City of Stamford. The Skating School provides group lessons and a summer skating camp.

Val is a private skating coach and teaches at various area rinks.

Val is the Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Skating Club of Southern Connecticut.


Smith Curis

Teri is a USFSA Gold Medalist and two-time New England Medalist and Eastern Competitor. She has over 20 years of coaching experience and has coached all levels.

She has trained skaters from Basic Skills to USFS Gold Medals in Figures, Moves in the Field and Freestyle. She has also coached New England Medalists and Eastern Competitors.

Teri graduated with honors from Boston College, Carroll School of Management, with a BS in Marketing.

She is a private skating coach and also teaches group lessons at various area rinks.



Nancy‘s initial involvement in skating was as a competitor, in singles and pairs. She reached a national level in pairs but made the decision upon graduating from high school, to focus on her education instead of competing. This lead her to becoming a figure skating judge.  

Nancy has been a member of Skate Canada and judged and officiated for them for over 50 years. Recently, Nancy was recognized by US Figure Skating for reaching the 25 year milestone since her first judging appointment in the United States. In addition to judging, Nancy has been a referee, technical representative and team leader. Nancy has judged internationally for Skate Canada for almost two decades, including Skate America. 

Nancy has been a member of the Skating Club of Southern CT for about twenty-five years. Nancy tells us that judging at the Southern CT Open is a highlight for her every season. 

Appointments: Test Judge: Dance- Silver Test Judge: Figure – Gold Test Judge: Moves in the Field II – Gold Test Judge: Singles – Gold